Monday, November 03, 2003

My parents came to visit on Saturday. We went on the London Eye with my brother. It was surprisingly enjoyable; the view from the top was amazing. My dad bought me a new monopod for my camera (it's my birthday on the 15th) so I got some really good photos. We all spent the rest of the afternoon in a pub near Dulwich in South London, engrossed in some unusually jolly family banter.

An old mate of mine and my housemate's came down to visit that evening and we went out to Fabric. I was having a really good night up until my day's drinking caught up with me and I ended up falling asleep, slumped in a corner of the dancefloor. I don't remember much from then on (owing to being asleep), but apparently I didn't want to be moved. Gah. I must try harder to stop doing this.

Sunday involved a delicious roast chicken lunch, courtesy of my female friend Q. This was washed down with a generous helping of red wine then - am I an alcoholic ? - we all ended up in a pub in Stockwell.

So, I think I ought to get down to the gym this week - it's been too long!


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