Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Here's a top tip I heard on the radio the other day (one which I employed, to great self satisfaction, last night):

If you receive any junk mail that contains a reply envelope, tear up all the contents and stuff them into the reply envelope then send it back to them. If enough people do this, then in time they'll hopefully get the message. They should be obliged to recycle it too!

Give it a go.

It's my last day at work until 5th Jan. I'm back at 'corp HQ' today though. Just waiting to see if I can get out early because I'm going back home with a friend tonight. Unfortunately, Christmas is going to be tainted by the fact that I have to write up three assignments as part of my 'goals' at work. These count towards my performance - related bonus, so could be worth up to £1000.

Anyway, must get back to reading the news.


Monday, December 15, 2003

Sorry for the lack of updates, it's a combination of me being really busy and me managing my time badly. However, I've now finished the HUGE website job I've been working on so I'm massively relieved.

There's only one more working week until the Christmas holiday (woo hoo!) but I've still failed to get any Chrismas presents for my family. I'm going back up north next Tuesday night so I'll probably end up shopping in my home town centre, yeah like i do every year...

I went back to see the homeopath the other day (when was it now?... ah yes, Outlook tells me it was last Tuesday). I've just received and taken my remedy. Tiny, like the last one, but different. This was a very crumbly chalky thing. The instructions said to let it dissolve on my tongue. It seemed to dissolve instantly. Let's see if this one has more of an effect.

I think I might be a difficult patient as I don't have any real physical symptoms. I justy want to sleep better, relax a bit more and improve my memory. We shall see...

Anyway, off to get an early night.

Goodnight, whoever you are...

Monday, December 01, 2003

I finally gave in and bought a new Playstation 2. The previous one (my housemate's) decided to stop reading discs a few weeks ago. I'm not a massive games fan, but I was rather into SSX Tricky. I've had sequel, SSX3, on hire the last couple of days and it's blaahdy good fun.

Oh yeah, some bloke came round and 'fixed the roof', the day after the last entry. Not sure exactly what he did, but there's an even bigger hole in my ceiling now. The main thing is that there's no water pouring through it...