Monday, December 15, 2003

Sorry for the lack of updates, it's a combination of me being really busy and me managing my time badly. However, I've now finished the HUGE website job I've been working on so I'm massively relieved.

There's only one more working week until the Christmas holiday (woo hoo!) but I've still failed to get any Chrismas presents for my family. I'm going back up north next Tuesday night so I'll probably end up shopping in my home town centre, yeah like i do every year...

I went back to see the homeopath the other day (when was it now?... ah yes, Outlook tells me it was last Tuesday). I've just received and taken my remedy. Tiny, like the last one, but different. This was a very crumbly chalky thing. The instructions said to let it dissolve on my tongue. It seemed to dissolve instantly. Let's see if this one has more of an effect.

I think I might be a difficult patient as I don't have any real physical symptoms. I justy want to sleep better, relax a bit more and improve my memory. We shall see...

Anyway, off to get an early night.

Goodnight, whoever you are...

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