Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Here's a top tip I heard on the radio the other day (one which I employed, to great self satisfaction, last night):

If you receive any junk mail that contains a reply envelope, tear up all the contents and stuff them into the reply envelope then send it back to them. If enough people do this, then in time they'll hopefully get the message. They should be obliged to recycle it too!

Give it a go.

It's my last day at work until 5th Jan. I'm back at 'corp HQ' today though. Just waiting to see if I can get out early because I'm going back home with a friend tonight. Unfortunately, Christmas is going to be tainted by the fact that I have to write up three assignments as part of my 'goals' at work. These count towards my performance - related bonus, so could be worth up to £1000.

Anyway, must get back to reading the news.


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