Sunday, November 23, 2003

Apologies if some of this seems a bit needless, but I'm keeping a record of how I'm feeling over the next few days to enable a clearer analysis of any effects at my next homeopathy meeting.

Right now I'm feeling kind of stressed and I seem to have a high heart rate. I've just gone and blitzed the flat because I just can't stand the mess any more. I think the fact that 90% of the mess is the result of my housemate's absolute inability to tidy up after himself, coupled with the fact that he spent the time sitting in his room listening to music instead of helping, has added to my annoyance (though I don't think the dripping sound behind me right now, at an increasing frequency, is helping). I feel I may need to broach the subject with him AGAIN fairly soon.

I may feel stressed but I also feel quite energetic and like I want to get things done. I'm looking forward to going out for Sunday lunch with some friends later; hopefully then I'll feel more relaxed.


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