Sunday, November 23, 2003

I didn't get to sleep until 05:30 this morning because of that darn dripping. It's falling right next to my bed by my head. I would have gone and slept on the sofa but my mate T was staying over so that was taken. I tried several techniques to dampen (no pun intended) the dripping sound, such as tying a piece of string to the source hole so the water poured down the string. The pin kept falling out under the weight. I eventually managed to break the fall with a pan lid propped up inside the bucket. That dulled the sound enough for me to sleep.

I feel much better today. I did eventually get to sleep and I seem to have now emerged from my bad mood. It's STILL raining though. I don't normally mind the rain but when it's dripping into your bedroom that's a different matter.


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