Sunday, November 23, 2003




Drip... God that's driving me mad already!

So where are we up to? OK so I was chatting to her again on Wednesday, on MSN Messenger and it was driving me nuts so I just dropped the question, "Do you want to meet up tonight?" She said yes. We met up. She was cute and we got on as well as we had been over the net, but there wasn't really any spark there. We got some food and drank in a few bars in Covent Garden. We ended up doing shots in an Aussie bar. We got very drunk. It suddenly started to get a bit awkward and I was aware that I kept glancing over her shoulder, to where these guys were doing crazy motorbike stunts on a widescreen TV, just to avoid her gaze.

She asked me what I was thinking and I thought, "What the hell", so came out with, "I was thinking, 'do you want me to kiss you?' ". She said yes. So, to cut a long story short, I kissed her and we got a cab back to hers and, well, I didn't get ANY sleep. It felt good.

I was worried that she'd think I'd sort of used her, but she said she was worried about the same thing. I think the feeling was mutual - it had been a while for both of us, and we just wanted a bit of fun. We're still in touch on the texts and stuff so that's all cool. She is cute but I don't think it's relationship material. Still, it's a good experience for me; I've never been on a date with a stranger before.

So, yeah, I had to go straight to work from her house on Friday morning. My clothes stank from sitting in bars the previous night, but I felt good. To be frank, I don't mind getting no sleep when it's because I've been having sex all night...

- - - - - -

I got home, very tired, on Thursday to find that my homeopathy remedy had arrived. I had some food, got changed, relaxed for a while then took remedy number 1. I had been sent three of them - tiny clear tablets like plastic granules. The instructions said to take one today, one the next day and to keep the third as a spare, for possible future use after my next appointment with the homeopath.

I took the tablet, watched some telly, hung out some washing to dry and went to bed. I had a difficult night's sleep; I was quite excited about what effects the remedy would have. Despite having had no sleep the previous night I think I was awake till about 2am.

I awoke just before my alarm told me to, at 7.30am. I felt very alert and sprung out of bed (no usual three uses of the snooze button). I even had time for breakfast, and so went to work feeling very chirpy. I was looking forward to what further effect the second remedy might have. I told the homeopath, by email, about how I was feeling and was told that I should now hold back on taking the second remedy, as it usually either works or not - i.e. it's not incremental. This, I guess, makes sense because the idea is that the remedy contains a tiny amount of an active ingredient and it's the smallness of the dose that's important.

I spent the rest of the day actually getting gradually pissed off (I think due to the fact that I had shed-loads of work to do). I got out at about 19.30 (on a Friday, yeah - thanks) and went to meet up with a couple of friends in Clapham, one of whom had come to visit from my home town for the weekend. We had a few pints then went back to my mate's house for a few reefers.

I woke up this morning feeling uncomfortable (and sleep-wise unsatisfied) on his living room floor. I caught the end of the Rugby World Cup final (we won, yay!) and we all grabbed an unhealthy café breakfast. I made my way home and spent the day working on my new website, and trawling a couple of dating websites for potential matches (after the sucess the other night, I think this could be the future for me).

Tonight we went out to a local cheesy 80's night. Throughout the afternoon I seemed to fall into an incredibly bad mood. I thought at first that it was because I was hungry, but I couldn't shake it. I'm starting to feel a bit let down because the initial apparent effect from the homeopathy has gone and I'm starting to wonder whether it's worked at all. Maybe I'm expecting too much...?

Anyway I just left the club early because, frankly, it was doing my head in. I left my mates there. I couldn't be arsed waiting around on the off-chance that they would play something god like an old Michael Jackson record or some other 80's gem like Ride On Time by Black Box. 90% of it was just pissing me off.

So here I am... And water is dripping from a crack in my ceiling into a bucket. Drip... Drip... Drip.... Aghhh! It leaked last winter and the landlord claimed to have fixed it. Yeah, right. It bet it just seemed fixed because the rain stopped.


OK, well that's enough from me. Sorry if I sound a bit negative but I've just had a few beers and I'm quite tired. I'll probably log on and take it all back in the morning ;) Now I just need to try to ignore this DRIPPING SOUND and get to sleep. Goodnight.


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