Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Have they fixed the roof then? Have they heck... I got a call this afternoon: "...the thing is he did say he was going to be in the area but now he's not going to be available 'til thursday."

I had rehearsed for this. I wasn't going to stand for it, but on the spot there and then, I did my "Mr. Nice Guy" trick and gave it all that "OK, well that's fine I suppose as long as it does get done as soon as possible..." Weak. If I were my dad, I'd have it fixed by now and I'd have a letter of apology from the landlord... Gah.

The same thing happened last year. Then I waited for about a week then someone went on the roof and shuffled a couple of tiles around. It's not really rained heavily much since.

It has stopped leaking now but I don't trust it enough to move back into my room in case it starts dripping again in the night.

Oh the joys....


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