Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Well, my brother's not having much luck: He's been in London for under a month, moved to a place about ten days ago, and last night was bitten by a rat in his bedroom! The phrase not ideal springs to mind. I'd heard that rats could be a problem in parts of London but I'd never have thought that one could get into your bedroom and want to bite you. He said it was crawling on his chest when he woke up then went down the bed and sunk it's teeth into his toe.

The place looked OK (i.e. it was clean and tidy) when I helped him move in. I guess it was a very cheap area to live but you don't expect serious rodent infestations for any price now do you ?

Nedless to say, he's never going back there, so he's back round at mine on the sofa for the time being... Oh, and yeah, he's working at a hospital so a doctor had a look and said it was just a scratch and he didn't need a booster tetanus injection.

Oh the joys. Some good news soon, honest! At least I'm OK!


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