Saturday, September 13, 2003

The photo-taking didn't go as well as planned - everyone decided to descend on the South Bank as I arrived on my bike, so I was somewhat caught up in the 1MPH tourist crawl. Got a few nice shots but I think next time I'll go find some older, more delapidated areas as they make for more interesting photos.

One of the morning's highlights was a street performer who went by the name "BUDGIE-MAN". Utterly bizarre bearded bloke. He sang songs about how he's "...a very very budgie man..." and the like, while budgies perched obediantly on his fingers. He also explained that it took, "...years of leaving his hand in the cage at night with all the lights off...", to train his feathered friends. O....K then. He did pull a bit of a crowd - maybe I'm in the wrong business.

Out to a party tonight, somewhere expensive out west. Could be good, could be rubbish...


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