Monday, September 15, 2003

Just went to see Belleville Rendez-Vous at the cinema. Very funny, very strange - I recommend it...

No beer today - this is a good thing.

Shit - I just heard that two of my friends, back in my home town, ended up getting attacked on Saturday night (along with several other people) by some guy who did a real Jekyl & Hyde act after drinking too much beer at a house party. Apparently he kicked down some doors, punched several people and tried to push his thumb into my mate's eye. He ended up getting restrained, arrested and is now in police custody, and now claims not to remember anything.

My friends had to be taken to hospital, one of whom had had his arm bitten... All quite frightening stuff. It begs the question, had this guy done anything like this before and if so should he really have been drinking ?

It's a dangerous world out there. Maybe that's why David Blaine is hiding in a box up a crane ??


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