Sunday, September 14, 2003

Ughhh. Well, last night was a bit... different. It was at a posh bar that had been hired out by a an old school-mate of my brother. She appears to now have lots of very wealthy friends. There were rose petals sprinkled on the seats - i.e. these crazy kids weren't exactly 'keeping it real'. We paid £20 in return for free drinks, which, naturally, ran out fairly early on.

I basically got drunk, chatted to a few people, failed to pull any girls, danced a bit to an ok-ish DJ then bought myself another drink (admittedly a double vodka and redbull) that cost me £9.50 and 25 mins queuing time. I then pomptly decided that I didn't want it anymore and so stumbled out onto the street where I, nicely, found my night bus home waiting. Got home about 3am.

Anyway, off to meet some friends for - hey get this - some *beers* and sunday lunch. Rock on.