Sunday, September 28, 2003


Went out on Friday to see a load of mates i know from uni. Some of them live in London but I don't see them that often because they're on the wrong side of the river. Anyway they don't seem to have slipped out of uni habits and I think that's partly why I don't see them that often - they're a bad (good?) influence on me.

Things were much the same this weekend. I went along because it was a mate's birthday. He'd hired out a bar so we all got fairly muntered in there till 2am then went back to his (about 20 of us).

To avoid going into specifics let's just say it went on 'til the following midnight. It's not something I do often but it was damn good fun. We spent most of yesterday in the pub where about half of us trailed off throughout the day. The remaining eight of us kept on going and we finally got some much needed food at about midnight in a Kurdish restaurant.

I'm sure I'll pay for this at some point early next week (so please excuse me if there's a slightly negative, depressing blog entry) but apart from that, I'm feeling OK today, if a bit distant. The only real wound of the weekend occured when I kicked over a kettle that had just been boiled and had been left camouflaged (at least to my, less-than-beady-at-that-time, eyes) among cans of Stella. Most of the hot water poured over my left foot that was in a sock but no shoes. It fucking hurt...

I spent the next 20 minutes with my foot in the bath under the cold tap, then had it bandaged up. When I had a look at home last night, it had exploded into multiple large blisters. As a result I'm walking with a bit of a limp. Oh well, only myself to blame. I hope it doesn't scar too much.


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