Thursday, September 25, 2003

I suppose that, with hindsight, it's obvious that I would start this blog with a regular frenzied update about everything i'm doing, then trail off to a rate of more occasional updates. This is also probably a good thing because my day - to - day life is rather samey (see log on Monday, September 15, 2003, part 2 - though notably, I've not drunk any beer so far all week). So there you go; this way hopefully you'll not get as quickly bored.

OK then, what's been happening? Well, not an awful lot. The weather's become very suddenly much colder and that (combined with the fact that my new bike has started to feel like it's falling apart), has meant that I've been back on me old mate The Tube the last two days. The amount of will power that getting on one's bike in early the morning requires increases sharply when it's freakin' cold too.

Oh yeah, the girl at work: I think my madly in love statement (Fri Sep 19) was a bit OTT. I'd now class it as mild intrigue. I must have been feeling emotional or something the other day. You'll be glad to hear I'm back to my stiff upper lipped usual self today.


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