Monday, September 04, 2006

Mosquitos. Still. Grrr.

I still regularly get woken during the night by the high pitched whine of mosquitos buzzing round my head. And my face and arms are dotted with mosquito bites at various stages of healing. This has been going on since July.

It's very annoying.

It also strikes me as a bit weird as this isn't Morocco, it's England. In the autumn.

Well, I suppose writing about it isn't really going to help*. It's time to hunt this one down then get back to sleep for another hour before I have to get up for work.

*Unless you have any tips


Lord Bunty Chunk said...

I'm on a roll tonite: 3 posts on 3 different blogs, i must have too much time on me hands.

Anyway just thought I'd mention that despite living in the med der aint bin a single mossie all summer in me crib. I could write a 50 pence style gloating (c)rap tune bout dat. Gloating about being an asshole, nuff spect 50.

Anonymous said...

two words, mosquito net well four words seven i mean eigh.....shit.

gridrunner said...

I actually went out and bought one of these plug-in things yesterday. It seems to do the trick.

I've no idea why I didn't think of this weeks ago.