Thursday, September 28, 2006


I'm in the process of buying a flat in Camberwell. I have been since the 19th of August, when my offer was accepted, in fact. This is the most tedious process I've ever witnessed. Contracts still haven't been exchanged. And once they have been (if they ever are) I'm told it could take a further six weeks.

There is no chain at either end of the transaction. It should be really simple. I'm essentially paying my solicitors a huge sum of money in return for a stressful, frustrating, ill-informed state of limbo. They're very good at the:

"We'll find out and call you back* in ten minutes?"
[* this is actually a lie]

...trick, for example.

I can only assume that my documents are lying near the bottom of someone's priority pile, wrapped in red tape.

So, another six weeks of phoning them every day to go then maybe - just maybe - I'll be living back in good old SE5 again. Fingers crossed.

September 29th - update

The lady selling the flat to me has apparently fired her solicitor for not being proactive enough. So, it's not just me feeling the frustration then.


Lord Bunty Chunk said...

Do they get paid more the longer they take or something?

gridrunner said...

Probably. I've not had the bill yet.