Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday Links


Today it's all about the Commodore 64, the coolest computer ever (hush now, Spectrum heads). And more specifically the music it made. Three voices - now THAT was a revolution.

Stuck in the past you say? Me? Well there are some who go to far greater lengths in their quest for nostalgia:

C64 Orchestra rehearsal, featuring Rob Hubbard, composer of The Last Ninja theme tune.

C64 Orchestra on MySpace - Check out their rendition of Monty On The Run. Not bad. Not sure about that "Weeeee" in the middle though.

And if you're really into C64 Music you could always subscribe to the C64 Takeaway Podcast, though maybe that's going a bit far. It is presented by an amusing sounding Danish chap though.

Actually, I'd be careful about that last one. People might think you're a complete nerd or something. Instead, visit My C64 games page, blog it yourself and send it to ALL your contacts so my Google Ad Impressions go up and I make some money.



The Eyechild said...


I like thre fact that Kenny LArkin, Boards of Canada (amongst others) are amongst their Myspace contacs..


gridrunner said...

*Correction* The Last Ninja theme is by Ben Daglish, not Rob Hubbard.

Hubbard wrote the covering themes to Monty on the Run, Crazy Comets, Master of Magic and Commando among others.

Zeno Cosini said...

I'm listening to the Last Ninja theme right now. Thanks, Gridrunner.

gridrunner said...

It's a classic. Enjoy.

Lord Bunty Chunk said...

A couple of years ago I went to some sort of open house festival in clerkenwell, something to do with architects I think, anyway one of the events was a series of troupes playing live covers of this game music. Most were Scandanavian so there must be some big fetish going on up there. I also took a stack of gratis cds of diff types although I fear I lobbed most of them away, however I still have a few kicking around, next time I'm in the big smoke I'll bring for your delectation.
(Would you believe the verification word is 'meaow'?!).