Tuesday, July 25, 2006

who told them about the weather?

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I've never been one to complain about the heat. I'm loving the ongoing UK heatwave with temperatures up in the 30s. It's great. But my room's at the top of the house, so it is far more pleasant to keep the roof windows open overnight, to let whatever breaze there is cool the room down.

Fine. Until last night, that is.

I almost leapt of bed when that familiar – yet usually associated with holidays abroad – high-pitched mosquito whine faded rapidly in and out of earshot by the side of my head. Gah!

Turning on the light revealed two of them sitting on one wall and I found another buzzing randomly around under my desk. And the worst thing is when you splat them and they're already full of blood. This happened. I hurriedly went to wash my hands.

Of course you can never get them all. I woke up with three or four mosquito bite lumps on my arm and one on my leg.

Since when did they invade this fine green land? I thought they languished further south in France, Spain and, you know, all those other countries. Who went and told them we got some sun? Damn them and their whiney biting little ways...

So now my windows are shut, it's too hot to sleep, and they'll probably find a way in anyway. And worst of all every slight itch now feels like a mosquito landing on my skin and preparing to tuck into a meal.

Photo, perhaps rather aptly, by David Midgley.


Clau said...

Hi... I'm from one of "all those other countries" and believe me... you're lucky you can still count them.

gridrunner said...

Ha ha, yeah I know. My middle of the night blog post was a crap attempt at humour. I have ventured outside the safety of these shores once or twice! ;)

Clau said...

First, It was funny! Don't be so severe at yourself ;) Second, I have ventured myself outside the safety of my shores and I loved your rainy -maybe once in a while mosquito biting- city

gridrunner said...

Yeah, London is a huge rainy beast!

I'm glad you found my midnight insomniac ranting entertaining! Keep reading right here for lots of utterly unrelated blog posts :)

Mike said...

30 is a heatwave? Pah! You don't know heatwave until you've lived in Australia! :)

gridrunner said...

Well I said "In the 30s". It reached 36 one day.

I don't doubt for one minute, in fact I know for a fact, that it's hotter in Australia. You win.

Mike said...

I was being facetious; I'm actually surprised that it is getting so hot over there though.

gridrunner said...

Ah, sorry, I red your comment with the wrong tone of voice :/

Yeah, it's been a bit of a scorcher. The problem is that we're not prepared for any kind of extremes here in the UK. So there's no air conditining at work and the undergound has been reaching 'dangerously' high temperatures.

But, come winter, there'll be a cold spell and half the roads and railway lines will be forced to shut. There'll be stories of people 'stranded' all over the news. It's comedy.

Ah... We love a good chat about the weather, us Brits. In fact I might set up a blog dedicated to it: "Today is some 74% overcast and it looks like rain later on, so I think I'll take my brolly with me to lunch. I wouldn't want my cucumber sandwiches getting all soggy now would I?"

I would, but the joke would wear thin. And someone's probably already gone and done it.

Anyway, you'll be glad to hear that the weather is pretty much back to normal now :)