Sunday, October 19, 2003

Sorry it's been so long but, to be honest, I've not done anything noteworthy all week. I discovered a local Jazz night on Friday. I went down with my bro. It was pretty cool apart from the fact that lots of people were talking over the music so the musicians started to look a little pissed off. My housemate's brother and some of his friends, AKA "The Dogs", turned up later that night along with the usual excessive amount of 'stuff to smoke'. Yesterday was pretty much written off for me beacause I had a few tokes on a phat one first thing in the morning. We then went to a cafe to the pub to watch the rugby (England beat South Africa 25-6). After that we met some other friends had several more beers and some food. I was home in bed by 21:00 (such a wuss).

Today I'm going to meet an old mate from uni. Not called him yet but I'd quite like to go and see Finding Nemo or Kill Bill. Failing that, I would imagine beer and food will be involved at some point. God, gotta start going to the gym again...


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