Sunday, October 26, 2003

I gave a woman on the street £2 earlier. I can't work out whether that makes me a helpful compassionate human being, or just a fool. She was quite old, appeared to be crying and said she was diabetic and urgently needed something to eat. However she insisted that she wanted a sandwich and that she would need about £2.

I half felt like going and getting her the sandwich just to be sure that that was was really what the money was for, but it was a bit of a walk back to the shop, and she was quite convincing (with an original plea) so I just gave her the money.

I really hope I wasn't conned. There's too many people who blag money under false pretences, so it's a bit of a boy who cried wolf scenario for those few who aren't going to spend it on booze. If I was religious I'd probably say that 'I'll be rewarded in Heaven', but I'm not. Maybe I'll get some good Karma credits instead.


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