Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My Twitter

Recent, strangely compelling discovery. Seeking fellow Twitterers.

I'm here:

If you have no idea what this is about then, well, don't worry about it.


Ade said...

Hi Ade. Ade here (jazz mate of Al Scott and fellow web person). Stumbled across your blog by some circuitous route. Yep twitter quite engaging. I'm now stalking you so make it good! We should meet sometime - Ades of the world have to stick together

Ade said...

Ah! Another Ade. Nice to e-meet you!

Ade said...

Likewise. Actually I've a feeling I met you with Al at the MCR jazz festival last year in Albert Square. Possible? Maybe it's because Al always says to me that he remembers my name is Ade because his brother is called Ade as well. Handy to be an 'ade-memoire'

Ade said...

Hmm... Don't think I was there to be honest. I was going to go into town this year but the weather was awful and I was only back for one day!