Thursday, July 26, 2007



At about 6.45 this morning Rachael woke me up saying that something was burning. Something did smell a bit dodgy but I'd been ignoring it in my sleep.

As soon as I left the bedroom it was pretty obvious that something was on fire downstairs. I'd left the windows open in the living room and the air outside was thick with smoke, some of which was billowing into the flat. I shut the windows and Rachael called the fire brigade. Apparently they'd already had a few calls about it.


Anyway, the fire brigade shortly arrived. They took about 30 minutes to put it out. It was a garage two doors away. These photos were taken when it had pretty much been extinguished. Had I been able to take them earlier they would have looked like some grey smoke.

Anyway, thanks to Rachael for having such a keen nose. And nil points to the smoke alarm, which usually goes off at the faintest whiff of browning toast, yet failed to produce a single beep in the presence of a toxic fumes from a burning building.

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mountainear said...

Anything for a glimpse of a hunky firefighter! *Swoon*