Monday, June 25, 2007

New Ventures

After seven years spent in full-time employment in the digital media industry, I'm going freelance again. I actually did a short stint working for myself in 2002 when I first moved to London, though at the time I had very few contacts, and in those days people were, understandably, being rather cautious when it came to investing money online.

But things are different now, and everyone seems to be busy. I certainly have been. So I'm going it alone again. Only this time I'm taking on photography work in addition to the Flash, video and web work. Within a year I aim to have developed the photography side of things to a level that I can get by on that alone. But for the time being I'll be frequenting the digital agencies of London for short-to-medium term project work.

I've still got a few weeks to go at Dare, where I've been since September 2005. It's a company of extremely talented, dedicated and busy people, and so it's no surprise that it's grown as much as it has in the last 18 months. So a big thanks must go to everyone at Dare. The standard excessive after-work drinking session will be arranged soon.

There's much to do in the meantime, starting with updating my CV and portfolio.

If you want to get in touch, you can find me here on LinkedIn or at my website.


Biby Cletus said...

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southbites said...

Hi Ade,

Sad news when it comes to see you leaving Dare. I only can say that you'll be greatly missed not only as one of the most talented persons at Dare but also as a very nice and friendly one.

On the other hand good luck with your new ventures. I'm sure you'll do very well and I really wish you the best.

Frank said...


Gutted bruv, but I hope it is a good move for you and I wish you all the best for your new (ad)venture.

Dare will be poorer without you, you City Wastelands scum.


The Eyechild said...

C'mon Ade. fess up.. You're just going to flog antique beds on Ebay..