Thursday, October 26, 2006


From an email conversation at work:

“Everything is cyclic. Today we love them, tomorrow we hate them, in two years time they’ll be back as retro. I am a cynic. Today it’s funny, tomorrow it’ll be a tired attitude, and next year everyone will say ‘shit, he was right all along’. Then they’ll throw me to the wolves and the Design Week will shred me for breakfast, before setting up my comeback and saying they discovered me. I am a Ade’s burnt out drop shadow. I will return.”

“Dangerous” Dave McNulty.


clive said...

Dangerous is a God amongst men. Tell him Hi from me.

I am Jeffery's rounded corner.


Anonymous said...

Ade... I feel touched that you were moved so by my most humble of afternoon rants enough to post the words on your blog sir. Drop shadows... they will return, along with rounded corners.

Rock and roll.

Clive - I hope the coffee's still flowing strong :-)


The Eyechild said...


Dude I'm still bevel and embossing..

When can I expect to be employable (again)