Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

And what a wondrous celebration of love it truly is. Even the tube was oozing with it this morning – a subtle difference in the way people shoved past each other, to cite just one example.

And don't forget ladies, there's still plenty time to get your cards in to me.

Actually, the one Valentine’s message I've received so far today came from the staff at Clapham Common tube station. They'd affixed a couple of heart shaped messages (addressed to all commuters) to small notice boards at the entrance. I was going to stop and take a photo of it for this blog post but I was running late.

I hope that's not the only message I get – there's something slightly bleak about getting a Valentine’s Day message from London Underground.

1 comment:

gridrunner said...

Well, no cards. *sniff*

I did do the animation in this valentine’s ecard for Onken though.

Not sure if that makes it OK but it was relevant.