Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Glow Party

I took this on the way home from Camberwell on Sunday. Glow Party, this Friday at The Swan in Stockwell.

Doesn’t it sound awesome? Not only are they giving out free glow sticks but there’s a Robbie Williams tribute act on too. I know which bus stop I’ll be alighting at on Friday. See you there*.

(*somewhere else)


The Eyechild said...

Reminds me of the time they had a 'foam' party at the Ritz in Manchester.

It was pathetic.

A couple of nozzles up on the stage spurting out a weak jet of bubbles that made the drain-off from your washing machine look like 'Fun House' (no Pat Sharpe though, thankfully)

There were also loads of notices up advising people to wash thoroughly as soon as possible if they came in contact with the foam, which is sort of the idea, isn't it?

I didn't get involved.

Zeno Cosini said...

There's something bleak about the image of the average 16-year old Ritzer, circa 1995, agog with LSD purchased in the scummy corridor under the dance floor, cigarette smouldering to the filter, coated in mildly toxic foam. Sort of like an essay on the essence of teenagedom (and why it wasn't actually as good as we tend to remember it being).

gridrunner said...

Oh the days... If I appeared there now, Quantum Leap style, I’d head straight up the stairs and out of the door. And a shower and change of clothes would be my first priority upon reaching the surface.

Unless of course I found myself to be tripping, in which case I’d have to stay in the ‘safety’ of The Ritz to ride it out.