Monday, April 09, 2007

Reduced To This

I created this track back in 1995 on a Roland keyboard in the music department at School. It is one of three I did at the time. They had originally been recorded onto audio cassettes, then – a few years later while at university – I recorded them off the tapes and archived them onto a recordable CD.

I recently found the CD but unfortunately it seems to have decayed so most of the data is unreadable. I managed to get half of this track to load anyway, and have converted it to MP3. Here it is. A little bit naive, but nice...

If you can't get the player above to work then try this link:
Reduced To This on


Robin said...

Great man, how old were you when you did that?
Super mnml,

gridrunner said...

It was either 5th year or lower 6th form, so I guess I was 16 or 17.

mountainear said...

Hate to bring this down to a banal level but it made our dog bark - and the hairs down his back stand on end. Must be the frequency or summut.

Otherwise - promising.
Best wishes F.

gridrunner said...

Yeah, it does get a bit shrill.

In fact your blogger profile photo is rather apt in this context. :)