Monday, January 29, 2007

Buying a property (or trying to)... without doubt the most stressful and tedious process I've ever been involved with. By a very very long way. It's now over 5 months since my offer was accepted on the empty property and I've still not moved in.

(Yes, it's rant time again.)

The reason? Well had it been just one reason I would have pulled out ages ago. But it's lots and lots of sequential reasons. It's been a bit like running the 200 metres hurdles having been told there aren't any hurdles there. Blindfolded.

The next time I hear the words "I'll chase it up" rather than "it's all been sorted", I am going to kill someone.

All of the following parties have at some stage either cocked something up or apparently sat around done nothing for weeks on end despite there being a considerable degree of urgency:

My solicitor
My mortgage lender
The vendor
All three of the vendor's solicitors (two were fired, we're now on the third)
The company managing the sale for the vendor
The surveyor
The environmental search provider
The estate agent
The local council
The freeholder

I want to slap you all. Really hard. Repeatedly.

They whole process has been an eye opener as to how deeply useless people can be. And how badly afflicted by red tape we are in this country. It's pathetic.

*And relax..*

Oh by they way, you actually don't have to read these rants. The act of writing them alone is therapeutic. I feel better already.


:: stopsatgreen :: said...

Smart move writing "you don't have to read this" at the end of the post. ;)

gridrunner said...

Yeah, good wasn't it?

Zeno Cosini said...

Commiserations. We went through all that crap last year, if it's any consolation. And we've just had an offer accepted on another flat, so we're probably in store for more of the same. It is definitely the most irritating and stressful thing I've ever done.