Tuesday, November 07, 2006


08:10   I arrive on the northbound platform at Clapham Common tube station.

08:45   I finally cram myself onto a train. The door only just manages to slide shut because my shoulder is in the way.

09:05   I arrive at work.

That was yesterday morning. Trains normally come in every one to two minutes. Yesterday they were only coming in every three to four minutes, the result being that they were all completely rammed. In a couple of instances I even saw somebody step out to let someone off, and them being unable to get back on.

It's plain that this particular section of the tube (at least) is so absolutely at capacity during rush hour, so any delay completely cripples the system. And unfortunately such delays occur at least once a week.

I'm pretty sure it would be illegal to transport animals packed even nearly that tightly. I guess the fact that we "choose" to get on the train makes it OK. They have our consent.

Fortunately for me I'm (hopefully, sigh) getting out of there pretty soon. On to the greener pastures of Camberwell. There's no tube station there, and I'm glad. It's a horrible way to travel when it's busy.

Image taken from my video Rat Race, made on a much less busy day


Peter Gasston said...

I was over an hour late for work yesterday because the train before mine was cancelled, so when mine came there were two trains worth of people in one. The girl next to me fainted, and I sat and waited for an ambulance with her.

gridrunner said...

Oh dear. I used to get the train to Olympia and that was kind of similar.

Yours will be the train from Denmark Hill then I guess. That's going to be my new mode of transport once I've moved.

Well I guess a change is a good as a rest. I also have the option of travelling by number 12 bus. Or buying a scooter...

Or moving to an especially remote corner of Shetland.

Peter Gasston said...

Generally the trains from Denmark Hill aren't too crowded; you can't usually get a seat, but at least they're not rammed.