Friday, August 04, 2006

The Curse of the Letter A


a. My name begins with A and I'm therefore at the top of most my friends' mobile phone contacts lists.


b. A considerable amount of people apparently don't have the technical know-how to activate their phones' key locks (most have automatic key-locks for god's sake).

I often receive a large number of empty messages from one person over the space of 20 minutes or so. It also happens with calls. I receive lots of four minute long (the maximum) voicemails of the sound of someone sitting on their phone on a bus or wherever. I get this pretty much every day.


Please, if you can't manage to not do this, then add a blank contact at the top of your contact list. Or take me out altogether and revert to using a pen and paper.

Maybe I should change my name to "Zade".

</ venting anger>


Anne said...

Oh Christ - I know the feeling.

gridrunner said...


From the number of VERYs I used, I think I was still pretty wound up from the messages I got yesterday morning. Sometimes I can't delete them fast enough.

The worst thing about it is when I get what I think is a call from an old friend: "Oh, how nice, Katie is calling me. I've not spoken to her for a couple of years..."

But no, she's apparently in the middle of an argument with her boyfriend whilst driving down a motorway. I can make out the some of what they're saying but it's not very interesting. And she keeps phoning back again and again and again.

The only option is to turn off my phone for half an hour, then delete all the voicemails later.