Sunday, March 19, 2006

Overnight Success

Lowry skiers

One of the things I love about Flickr is the way that occasionally a photo will catch everyone’s eye and its popularity explodes like wildfire.

The photo above is one such example. I took this in Livigno, one morning on the day of a whiteout. Looking at the piste from the cafe at the bottom it reminded me of one of those L.S. Lowry matchstick men paintings, so I zoomed in and managed to isolate just the people on the slope.

I posted this (and a few other photos) to Flickr last night just before I went out. When I checked back this morning it had 27 comments, 450 viewings, 39 people had added it to their favourites and it was on the homepage of Flickr's Explore section!

Quite a pleasant surprise – and totally unexpected – though I suppose the photo did come out quite well now I think about it.


Anonymous said...

God I/m starting to feel like your complete stalker!...just home from livigno last sat and was browsing the net when I stumbled across your latest set of livigno photos. Anyway, just wanted to say how great it was to spot familiar places - its helped ease my post holiday misery! Keep on snapping x

gridrunner said...

Thanks, whoever you are! If you check back here and read this I'd be interested to know how you stumbled across them.

eamon said...

Gridrunner, you are one of the lucky ones. I have never been on Flickr's most interesting and never will.

For some odd reason my profile is not deemed suitable for the gerneral public.

Nice photo, and you deserve it.

gridrunner said...

I’m surprised. You've got a much better consistency than me.

It's hardly a benchmark of quality though, often more a measure of how many groups a photo has been posted to.

Thanks for the compliment anyway.