Thursday, January 05, 2006

Stockport Encounter

Nothing noteworthy has happened to me so far this year so I thought I’d share the last photo I took in Stockport before getting on the train home last week. I’m averagely proud of it, despite bits of it being too dark. There’s still lots to learn on the photography front but, hey, that’s half the fun.

Of course, Stockport being Stockport, seconds after I squatted slightly to take this photo, some prancing towny idiots leapt out of the shadows to the left and started coming towards me. One of them shouted: “Hey mate! What ya taking photos for?”

Then another one of them: “Go on mate, take one of me, will I be famous?” Followed by screaching laughter.

I ignored them, opting not to point out that his best chance of becoming famous would be to fall in front of the next train that came in.

Anyone doing anything (or just looking) slightly out of the ordinary is immediately under suspicion up there. People can’t handle it. The complete lack of this sort of behvaiour is perhaps the thing I like most about London.


The Eyechild said...

Sick pic dude! Me and Dunc did actually see a trio of 'yoots' in Camberwell the other day garbed suspiciously like Stockfordian townies.. so perhaps they've migrated even this far, like polar bears before an advancing glacier. Hopefully not.

gridrunner said...

Eeek! Where do we run next?

Anonymous said...

I am from Stockport - to be intimidated by little boys from these parts well you must be SOFT.

I find you odd snappin in the station which suggests you are a nerd which is probably why you upset the locals.

It's Simple!

Don't Get Off The Virgin!

gridrunner said...

Dear anonymous,

I'm from Stockport too. And I never said I was intimidated by them.

RE: "I find you odd snappin in the station which suggests you are a nerd"
Surely it suggests I'm a photographer.

RE: "Don't Get Off The Virgin"
I'm from Stockport too, I'd just been home!