Tuesday, November 22, 2005


My bike has been sitting, unused, under a tarpaulin round at my friend's house since about March. So I'm lending it to my brother who'll make much better use of it at his university in Wood Green, north London.

I decided to cycle up there on Sunday to hand it over to him. Unfortunately I set off much too late in the afternoon. I also underestimated the distance quite significantly. In short it was a right mission – it soon went dark and I found myself cycling in heavy Sunday traffic, not being entirely sure of the way once I was past Camden.

Anyway in short I made it eventually, gave him the bike, and we went for some food and a couple of pints before I got the tube home.

I also managed to snap this rather nice photo of Battersea Power Station on the way there, just after sunset, as I crossed Vauxhall Bridge. There was a strang smog-like atmosphere that evening...

Oh yeah, excercise – I joined a gym the other day. I've not been to one for too many months and am 5 kg heavier than when I last weighed myself! Scary. They've put me on a harsh get fit regime. Let's hope my will power stays up to it...

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Zeno Cosini said...

It will. And within a couple of weeks - well, who you crush next will be anyone's guess.