Monday, June 21, 2004

Yesterday I rode from Clapham Common to Brighton with a group of people from work (as well as a further 30,000 cyclists). We met at 06:00, set off at about 07:00 and got to Brighton at about 15:00. It was a really pleasant day's ride, apart from the final two hours when bad weather hit big time on the hills outside Brighton. Near-horizontal hail stones followed by torrential rain left everyone completely soaked and shivering.

I managed to meet up with a couple of people from our group near the finish, and we located a dodgy cheap clothes store where we purchased some emergency dry clothes. We then found a bar in which to recover, dressed in our new, near-matching, tracksuit trousers and fleece tops.

The company paid for a coach back to London and I got home at about 21:00 where I promptly fell immediately to sleep.

I have some photos in my camera, I'll post a link tomorrow.

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